Sunday, 8 November 2015

A book launch with the lovely Cressida McLaughlin

On Wednesday 4th November I had the pleasure of attending Waterstones, Norwich, for the launch of "A Christmas Tail", the new book by Cressida McLaughlin.

I've known Cressy for a long time now, and it was an absolute delight to share the evening with her celebrating the launch of her book, which is a full length paperback version of 4 ebooks released over the course of 2015. The series has received great reviews and demand on the night was absolutely huge. The room was packed and I was too late to get my hands on a copy!

Cressy proves that with passion, hard work and determination, dreams can indeed come true. HarperCollins snapped up the series, and I don't doubt that we will see much, much more from this hugely talented writer over the coming years.

If you'd like to check out Cressy's work, "A Christmas Tail" is available in all good book stores. You can also find all the ebooks and the new paperback on Amazon  Cressy has a Facebook page, and you can follow all her adventures on Twitter too. She is also part of the Novelicious team, a page very much worth checking out if you are in to books.

Thanks for having me along Cressy, you totally deserve all the success coming your way, and I look forward to reading your new book!

Saturday, 24 October 2015

The Rivergarden: The Full Service

Last weekend I returned to the kitchen at The Rivergarden in Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich. Having had a taste of the activities a week before, I was really looking forward to my evening of documenting a professional working kitchen.

Having never witnessed the happenings during a full service, can I say first of all what an amazing thing it was to watch and experience. It gave me such appreciation of the effort that goes into making good, tasty food for customers to enjoy. It will certainly make me think about how my food gets to the table in future too.

Chefs Jake Garwood and Charlie Wilson are the core of a great team during food service. They work seamlessly to create beautiful dishes, taking such care in their preparation and presentation. Watching them in detail for the first time, it is almost like they are telepathic. After working together for quite some time, they just *know* how the other does things, and it all comes together perfectly.

Each dish produced is a work of art. It was a total pleasure to watch. I also liked talking to Martyn, who kept things going by making sure all the things coming into the kitchen were cleaned again and ready to use.

I really, really enjoyed taking these photos, and I had a great time with Jake, Charlie and Martyn in the kitchen. In the restaurant the team worked tirelessly to ensure customers were satisfied with everything coming from the kitchen, and from the total lack of food scraps coming back on all the plates, the customers were indeed satisfied!

If you get a chance, do pop in and try the stunning new menu - it really is sensational.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Delicious delights at The Rivergarden, Thorpe St Andrew

I popped down to The Rivergarden pub and restaurant in Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich at the weekend. They have just launched their new and very impressive Autumn and Winter menu, it looks absolutely delightful.

I will be popping by to photograph a busy service with the chefs soon. It's amazing watching them work and it certainly makes you appreciate the value of your food that much more.

For information on The Rivergarden and the new menu visit or join the action on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.

Confit duck leg with rosemary infused mash, cherry jus and duck rissoles

Pan fried hake with Jerusalem artichokes, pea sauce and lemon oil